The online membership for the person who's done with not having enough time, money or energy in their life and is ready to integrate work and life with intention so their future is better than today.

Does this sound familiar?

"I don't have balance between work and family"

"I don't have time for self-care"

"I spend my time doing instead of being"

"I don't have enough time to do all the things I want in a day"

"I have anxiety around failing or letting someone down"

Imagine if instead, you could...

✔️ Understand how to make time work for you
✔️ ️Consistently achieve financial goals
✔️ Integrate work and life with intention
✔️ Have enough energy to do all the things

Well, I've got some good news for you:

You're just seconds away from all the tips, tools and strategies you need to help you successfully find work/life integration, happiness, financial freedom and all the time in the world.

Welcome to...

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on September 28th 2020

I would hate to see you miss the chance to transform your today into a better future tomorrow.

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    Lindsay Recknell

    Expert in Hope | Podcaster | Consultant

    Who am I?

    My work is all about helping you make tomorrow better than today by taking action over the things you can control.

    It's about progress and practice and habit and trying new things.

    I have been successful in my life by using these tools to grow and thrive and I want to share what's worked for me so you can keep thriving too.

    Hope is a big motivator for me – the promise that my future can be better than it is today is what keeps me trying the next right thing.

    Hope is what gives me courage to talk out loud, sharing my story for the possibility that it motivates someone else to share theirs.

    Hope is what encourages me to keep learning, figuring out what I don’t know and teaching me the words to use during those tough conversations.

    And hope is what gives me the confidence, and self-forgiveness, to acknowledge when I’m hurting, to understand that its relevant to me and my life, and that if it matters to me, it matters.

    What will you learn?

    You will learn to make your time & money work for you.

    You will learn how to do all the things.

    You will learn how hope can drive you to achieve many things in life and at work.

    You will learn how to problem solve and find many alternatives to problems.

    You will learn that you get to go again.

    You will learn how you feel about money.

    You will learn that there is nothing to fear in change.

    You will learn that you are awesome.

    You will learn how to not worry what other people think.

    You will learn about your Zones of Genius and how to hang out there more often.

    You will learn how to start a business, learn a language, master a skill, make a friend...or you won't.

    You get to choose.